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Legal Outsourcing Group is a premier legal outsourcing firm, catering to the needs of US lawyers and law firms. Our seasoned attorneys hail from distinguished US law schools and have many years of experience in the practice of law. Our attorneys are subject matter experts in a wide variety of practice areas and jurisdictions.

High Value at Low Rates

Our attorneys have practiced law in cities across the United States, and relocated to Israel after having gained many years of unparalleled experience as legal practitioners. Because our lawyers live in Israel, where the wage and cost structure is vastly different from that of the US, we are able to offer our services to US attorneys and law firms at a fraction of the market rate for those services. In real terms, there is no cost at all to our attorney clients because those costs are converted to profit when passed along to the end clients.

How We Can Help You

Attorneys use their writing and rhetorical skills, ingenuity and legal training to help their clients vindicate their legal rights. There are few things in life that can be as gratifying as seeing the results of your toil when those results can mean so much to the lives of your clients. However, along with the satisfaction you get from the work that you do, comes the inevitable byproduct of stress, fatigue, and burnout, and their damaging health effects. That's where Legal Outsourcing Group can help. More...


As attorneys, we know that the matters that you handle on behalf of your clients are of the utmost confidentiality and privacy. Our attorneys were selected not only for their depth of legal knowledge and experience, but also for their high standards of integrity, responsibility and discretion. When you refer your client matters to Legal Outsourcing Group, you can rest assured that the information you provide will be treated securely and will be accessible only to the professionals who are authorized to confidentially work on those matters.

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